14-Nov-2018Tampa, FL+18 milesItems Wanted
14-Nov-2018Tampa, FL+18 milesItems Wanted
Looking for primarily afghan and shawl patterns
13-Nov-2018Tampa, FL+18 milesItems Wanted
Would like treated wood to make an out door raised garden box. Thank you
13-Nov-2018Tampa, FL+18 milesItems Wanted
I am interested in getting cast iron pans, pots, and small personal grill. Thank you
12-Nov-2018Clearwater, FL+10 milesItems Wanted
I am in need of landscape/garden border. Thanks in advance.
12-Nov-2018Clearwater, FL+10 milesItems Wanted
I really need a juicer to juice vegetables to improve my health. Thanks!!!
I need some medium moving boxes in good condition , i can trade against few 6/8/10 boys clothes
11-Nov-2018Clearwater, FL+10 milesItems Wanted
Greatly appreciated!
11-Nov-2018Dunedin, FL+13 milesItems Wanted
I desperately need a replacement video card for my desktop PC. My graphic design software is installed on that machine along with my artwork and fonts. I was in a car accident back in June and have been unable to work since. I have a list of websites I have set up accounts with where I can offer design services, try to land proposed projects, and potentially sell my work. I am in desperate need...
9-Nov-2018Clearwater, FL+10 milesItems Wanted
Crib, stand/walk behind walker(converts to ride on toy once walking is learned),2T-3T clothing, potty chair, etc for new emergency foster child placement. Thank you
Need a utility in any condition to use in a greenhouse. TIA - Jon S.
I raw feed my dogs , if you have any freezer burnt raw food or left over from hunting season, etc...my dogs would love it Thanks!
BSA Troop 301 needs a new printer with a USB connection. An all-in-one printer/copier/scanner on the smaller size would be great. As we are a non-profit organization, if requested the Troop could provide a letter of thanks to the giver for the item. Thank you.
Looking for a standard sized manual wheelchair - 17-19" width with footrests
9-Nov-2018Tampa, FL+18 milesItems Wanted
for an ant infestation
8-Nov-2018Clearwater, FL+10 milesItems Wanted
ISO a small round table, some storage drawers or deessers and some nightstands. Also, some end tables and a tv stand.
8-Nov-2018Clearwater, FL+10 milesItems Wanted
ISO glass items; such as drinking glasses, coffee mugs, vases, plates, bowls, picture frames ; preferably clear, translucent or solid colored, or large print, but we will make any and all work. I'm planning a class for children; approximate ages 7-14. Any paint, paint brushes, smocks or aprons would be put to good use also! :-) I do not have a vehicle at this time, so if you can bring them to m...
8-Nov-2018Clearwater, FL+10 milesItems Wanted
I am collecting paints, brushes, blank canvases, smocks, aprons, easels, etc. for free children's painting activity I am planning. I do not have a vehicle at this point in time, so if you can bring what you have to me it would be greatly appreciated! Otherwise, it may take me a bit to schedule transportation for pickup. Any and all donations appreciated! Thank you!
7-Nov-2018Tampa, FL+18 milesItems Wanted
We are having our garage refinished and need to box up our items to prepare. If you have any size boxes in the New Tampa area I would appreciate it.
7-Nov-2018Tampa, FL+18 milesItems Wanted
I crochet baby clothes and amigurumi. I want to learn how to sew but don't want to spend all the money on a sewing machine if I can't do it.
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